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Each year there are over 18,000 chimney fires causing loss to life and property. It is recommends that all chimneys be cleaned or inspected annually for safety. During a cleaning our sweeps perform a level I inspection for any cracks or defects and provide you with a written evaluation report of your chimney.
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Chimney Sweep and Free 21 point Inspection
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More than 80% of homes throughout the United States and Canada have clothes dryers. A dryer vent system can contain hidden hazards to the health and safety of your family such as increased risk of a dryer fire and mold and mildew problems. In addition to health and safety concerns, a poorly maintained dryer vent may cause your dryer to run inefficiently. A clothes dryer that is not operating efficiently can cost you money by extending drying time. 
What are poeple saying about us?
Mike T. - Elk Grove, CA - 2/3/2017
Very courteous and professional service. They fit me in quickly and had the best price out of the numerous places I contacted. Chimney drafts great after they were done.

Kristine W. - Folsom, CA - 2/2/2017
Jacob and Integrity Cleaning Services saved us!  We have had flies coming out of our fireplace and were concerned an animal had gotten caught up in the chimney and died.  We called other places and they couldn't come for two weeks to a month - one chimney cleaning place said they didn't handle things like this. (???)  I called Integrity and they came out the same day!  Jacob inspected the chimney and said it was clean - no dead animal - (YAY!) but there were some acorns on and around the chimney and flies on them. He cleaned it off, told us to build a big fire to clean out the rest, trim our tree (even offered to do it when it was lighter out)  and all is well!  All for a very reasonable fee.  Couldn't be more grateful or satisfied with not only the work done but the efficiency of getting someone out and resolving the issue!  Thank you!  We will definitely go straight to Integrity again if we have any chimney problems!

Flaminius C. - Elk Grove, CA - 1/26/2017
Integrity Cleaning Services truly have their customer's in mind.  Great people and great ownership group.  I have had several conversations with Kathy regarding the services they offer, and each time she was extremely patient, thorough, and knowledgeable. You can tell they care about their customers and take pride in their business.  Thanks for all the information.

Sora B. - Rocklin, CA - 1/2/2017
Bill came out and did a wonderful job cleaning our chimney.  He gave us some great tips on burning wood and keeping the fireplace clean. He also noted a small leak in the chimney seal on the roof and explained it was easy to fix ourselves instead of trying to charge us extra for it.  They were fast, courteous and efficient. We would definitely hire them again.

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We have a three fold ​philosophy when it comes to chimney inspection.
When we service you chimney system, we not only brush the flue, but clean the entire chimney and do a 21 point safety inspection on every chimney. After the service is completed we present you with a written copy of the 21 point inspection with any possible concerns so that you the home owner can have your chimney system restored to its safest condition. When inspecting a chimney, we look at the ability of your system to properly vent, as well as the integrity of the construction it’s self. We have a three fold philosophy when it comes to chimney inspection.
1) Is you system safe to use? We check to make sure that the fire box, smoke chamber, flue, and clearances are in safe condition. Cracks or missing mortar can lead to several different problems. First – is the potential for flames to leave the proper burning area of your system. Second is the potential of harmful gasses to be released into the walls and attic area. Third is the potential for structural damaging to happen because the material used in the burning area of the chimney is different then the material used to build the housing of your system. 
2) Is your system up to code? We use the CA building code when performing the inspection of your system to insure that you the customer will not have any surprises if you are selling or buying a home. Also there are building requirements that only apply if you “Burn” in your chimney. Builders many times don’t comply with these requirements because they do not apply until you decide to use your system, and it saves money on the building cost. However if you “Use” you fireplace and these items are not up to code you the home owner can be fined or worse.
3) Is your system in need of repair? Every system has its Achilles heel. When we inspect your chimney, we will point out any potential problems, so that you the customer can decide on the right course of action. Many time chimneys develop small problems that can be fix relatively inexpensively. However if not fixed, the small problem can become very large and expensive problems over time.
What are the different types of chimneys?
Basically there are 3 categories of chimneys. There are the masonry chimneys, which are made of brick, concrete and mortar. There are the prefab, which are manufactured at a factory and installed as a unit. There are several kinds of prefab (pre-fabricated), which include the Isokern, which can be made to look like a masonry chimney. Then there is the hybrid chimney, which has a masonry base, firebox and smoke chamber but it then transforms into a high temperature pipe with a steel stud frame.

What is a pre-fab chimney?
A system pre-fabricated or manufactured at a factory somewhere. It typically has a metal firebox and a thin metal pipe. The pipe is kept cool by air rushing through the cooling cavity in the pipe.

How can I tell what type of chimney I have?
Real bricks in the firebox usually mean you have a masonry system. The top of the chimney offers clues as well. If you can see a clay type square or oval pipe protruding out the top of the chimneystack you have a masonry fireplace and chimney system. If you can see a metal pipe with a metal cap that fits the pipe perfectly, protruding out the top, chances are you have some kind of a prefab. Look at the firebox. Does it have a metal box? If so you have a prefab. If it is all brick and mortar but with the metal pipe protruding out of the top you probably have a hybrid system.

How often should I have my chimney swept?
It depends on what you burn and how well your system operates. When we see a build up of 1/8 to 1/4-inch of creosote we recommend the chimney be swept. If you can’t see the flue by looking up from the firebox and you use the fireplace 10 times per season, then you should have it swept yearly. So, if you use your fireplace you should have it cleaned and inspected once per year.

Is there a danger that carbon monoxide may escape from my chimney back into my home?
Yes. If you smell smoke, shine a flashlight across the top of the firebox opening. If you can see smoke escaping the firebox and coming into the room, you should have your chimney inpested immedaitely. Carbon Monoxide affects people differently. There are recorded cases where some persons have suffered devastating effects from C0 exposure while others in the same room suffered none. A gas fireplace, if it is not drafting properly and not burning the gas completely, will put deadly CO into the living space.

What position should my damper be in?
Open during a fire but closed during cold days because the heated air from the furnace will rise and escape out the chimney. A damper in the closed position will stop this flow of heated air out your chimney and save you money and our natural resources.

If I see a crack on my chimney is it something to worry about?
Yes. Contact us here at Integrity Cleaning Services for an inspection as soon as possible.
What are

“Chimney fires”?
A chimney fire is a fire that takes place in the smoke chamber and the flue of a chimney. When the flue and or smoke chamber accumulates ¼-inch or more of the sticky tar substance called creosote, a chimney fire is possible. The creosote ignites and if supplied with enough oxygen a roaring chimney fire can ensue. Chimney fires are dangerous and are responsible for houses burning to the ground. If your chimney has ever had a chimney fire, you must get the system inspected by a professional before attempting to use it again. Chimney fires can be prevented by annual inspections to make sure your system remains clean
and is operating correctly and by burning dry wood.